Acute Pancreatitis Diet

A good diet can do more for you than you might think when it comes to trying to prevent and or treat Pancreatitis.  Because of the location and job of the pancreas, your diet can greatly help or hurt your symptoms.  You will find various ideas and suggestions below to help you start putting together your own Acute Pancreatitis Diet.

The Most Important Idea to Keep In Mind

Whether you are suffering from acute pancreatitis, or are looking to prevent it, there is a common objective you’ll want to keep in mind.  Think for a moment what you do when trying to recover from a surgery or cold.  You usually do as much as possible to “baby” your body to help it get back to full strength. With pancreatitis, the idea is the same.  Do all that you can to protect your pancreas from over working allowing it time to heal and recover.

Do’s and Do Not’s for Acute Pancreatitis Diets

Acute Pancreatitis Diet


  • Eat snacks throughout the day rather than large meals
  • Eat foods low in fat (a max of 30 grams of fat a day)
  • Eat foods high in “lean” protein like chicken, fish, lean cut beef, etc…
  • Eat foods that are high in antioxidants like berries, oranges, limes, and broccoli
  • Eat Omega-3 fatty acids like Salmon, flaxseed, walnuts, etc…
  • Try and drink anywhere from 6-8 glasses of water daily

Do Not’s

Acute Pancreatitis

  •  Stay away from spicy foods of any type
  • Try and rid yourself of caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol
  • Diminish your sugar intake as much as possible
  • Limit your use of foods like butter, bacons, margarine, etc..
  • Use fat free (or low fat) dressings with the idea that less is better
  • Get rid of white bread, and say hello to 100% whole grain
  • Don’t touch fried foods


Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Acute pancreatitis diets can be difficult to find.  Although there are many limitations to what you should and shouldn’t eat, you can still enjoy food and put together great meals.  One thing to keep in mind when doing so is to try and stick to a fairly routine schedule, also providing assistance in providing some relief to the workload of your pancreas. Below are some ideas for putting meals together to form a complete and good Acute Pancreatitis Diet plan for you. As you try these combinations see what works for you and stick to those foods that do.

           Breakfast                                  Lunch                                       Dinner____

Yogurt w/ granola Oatmeal Egg Whites w/ tomato Whole gran cereal w/ banana
Chicken w/ brown rice and broccoli Tuna sandwich w/ vegetable soup Whole wheat pasta w/ asparagus
Salmon w/ spinach Lean meat w/ sweet potatoes Chicken Salad w/lite dressing


Snack Options for Between Meals

Wheat thins with fat free string cheese

Apple with low-fat peanut butter

Fat free cottage cheese and pears

Almonds and a banana

Berry Shake w/ Toast


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